A snowy castle, a ferocious T-rex or a friendly robot: anything can happen with Edo. A simple idea can become a million things.

Imagining, inventing and then making. What could be more exhilarating for a kid?

Envisioning a fort, building its walls and then getting inside it to play with the other kids, creating a character that’s half alligator and half robot or even turning an elephant in a throne with white tusks.

This is what giant Edo Blocks are about: they never let kids’ imagination come to a stop.

It’s about letting children enter into a world they’ve created using their favorite building blocks. Because Edo Blocks are more than big, they’re giant, they’re life-sized.

They can be colored on, sprayed and turned into endlessly new stories and creatures. When you are fed up of an enchanted castle or a dollhouse, you can use them to make a bookshelf or a side table, because creativity never ends with Edo.

How about you? How many blocks do you need to fire up your imagination?

How many blocks do you need?  – It really depends on how fervid your imagination is. We used almost 400 bricks for this castle, 90 for the horse, 64 for the bookshelf and only 9 for the tiny robot. 50 are enough for an alligator or an elephant and you need only 10 of them for the triceratops.

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Your product is a perfect upgrade to the blocks I used as a kid and I can’t wait to get them for my kids! With a cold winter on the way they will be perfect!

Mindi V. – U.S.

What a fantastic idea! Edo Blocks should be available in any play school or kindergarten.

Steven M. - UK

My husband and I are both architects and we think it’s just a perfect game for kids and adults to bring out their creativity.

Marta O. - Irlanda