What are Edo Blocks?

Edo Blocks are easy to assemble cardboard blocks, delivered as flat cardboard sheets. Following the instructions, kids of about 10 years old can enjoy assembling them on their own, while younger children may need the help of a parent or a friendly grown-up, creating an ideal sharing moment: who will be the fastest at building blocks?

Two of a kind.

With only two sizes (Brick 1×1 and Brick 1×2) and a junction, you can easily build any structure, even the more complex ones.

It’s very important to use longer blocks for buildings that need structure and support, such as window and door frames or the bodies of big animals.

Using the junctions, you can put together two or more blocks, to create a brick the length of your choice (for example a 1×3 block or even a 1×6 one). And when you don’t need them anymore, you can just take them off. Ingenious, isn’t it?

A strong and gentle nature.

The bricks are made of high quality micro corrugated cardboard chosen to give a perfect ratio of weight and strength. The design took several months of work and now one block, correctly used, can support up to 50 kg!

To respect the environment, the blocks are made of recycled and 100% recyclable, FSC certified cardboard: this is truly eco!

The fun kits.

Eyes, horns, ears and tusks, everything you need to complete your wonderful creatures. Some of these special pieces (eyes, ears and antenna) come together with coloured stickers while we have left the others in white for your kids to colour and decorate them the way they want.

Let’s not forget the tail! Well, like many of the other accessories, you can invent and then make them. Bits of material, string but more than anything the cardboard from the pizza you had home delivered are all perfect materials to use to make your Edo Blocks accessories exclusive.

Montessori Method.

Self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play are the basics of the Montessori method.

With Edo, kids can create and play with their own ideas. The chance to make something from scratch stimulates imagination and creativity. The dimension of the blocks and the chance to construct life-size buildings develops spatial awareness and social skills. Kids can play alone with Edo and it inspires creative thought which easily becomes contagious in groups of all sizes.